Raised in  the sweeping hills and woods of upstate New York, as the second youngest in a busy, family of NINE, I found art to be the way I understand my surroundings. When I was small I drew on everything! On bulletins, scraps of paper, and -too often- my homework!

Art is my way of seeing the world and telling the story back. From a friend’s laughter, to the smallest abstract water droplet, to protest art,  I believe there is a story everywhere and my deepest joy is connecting people to stories they would not have known. What are the stories that make you feel?


When I am not creating I love to be running, hiking, rock climbing, tenting (really anything outside!), experimenting with food-making (you can ask my husband how that goes!), or cuddling up with a blanket and much delicious coffee.

—Hannah JM. Love